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Customers often ask about the less expensive copiers available through the mail or from an office superstore. These machines, meant for home or very small office use, are inexpensive to purchase but expensive to maintain. The toner and drum cartridges can run anywhere from $120.00 to $200.00, and only produce a few thousand images. Supplies for a low-end commercial copier will cost about two-thirds as much and last one third longer.

Compare copier prices

To illustrate, let’s compare a Sharp AL-1642CS (about $500) and the low-end commercial model Kyocera Mita FS-1016 (about $700). Both have similar features and, for our purposes, it is a fairly good comparison. The toner cartridge for the Sharp personal copier sells for approximately $140.00 and produces 6,000 copies. The Kyocera Mita toner sells for $95.00 and produces 9,000 copies.

Now let’s look at the other supply item, the Drum. The Sharp Drum needs replacement every 18,000 copies, at a cost of $140.00. The Kyocera Mita Drum needs replacement every 100,000 copies (!), at a cost of $295.00.

The combined Toner/Drum cost savings per year would be $80.00; multiply that by the number of years of anticipated use, and you can see that the savings add up fairly quickly.

Mita FS-1016
Unit Price
(Cost Per Cartridge)
(Cost Per Cartridge)
Per Toner Cartridge
Per Drum Cartridge
Per Copy
Cost Per 6,000 copies
(Cost Per Copy x 6,000) 


Total Cost Over 5 Years
(Toner + Unit Price)


Total Savings
Kyocera Mita FS-1016 vs. Sharp AL-1642CS

over 5 years

Even after deducting the difference in price of the two machines ($200.00), you would still save $245.00, or $49.00 per year. As you can see, the additional initial investment will pay for itself over time, and actually SAVE you money. (By the way, the same holds true for fax machines.)

Compare fax prices

The cost per image of a large fax machine can be as much as one-third less than that of a small film ribbon or inkjet machine. You will pay more for a large fax machine, but the difference in price will be recovered over time in supply-cost savings.

For example, a small film ribbon cartridge may cost $30.00 and yield about 500 images, for a cost-per-image of 6 cents (.06) each. On a larger fax machine, the toner cartridge may cost $100.00 and yield about 5,000 images, for a cost-per-image of 2 cents (.02) each. That is a 200% difference!

More impressive features of the high-end units are the scan and transmission speeds: 1 second per page scanning and 2 seconds per page transmission. A small unit will scan each page in about 4 to 6 seconds, and take approximately 10 seconds per page to transmit. In a busy office, a faster fax machine will save a great amount of time. One large fax machine can easily do the job of two smaller, slower ones, while saving 200% in supply costs.

The heavy-duty fax machines we offer will provide your office with years of reliable service. The larger units may cost more than the smaller machines, but the cost per image is significantly lower ~ and you don’t have to worry about durability.

Today’s business class faxes all utilize the fast 33.6 kbps modem, and all have at least 8 MB of memory. This increased memory allows you to send 70 to 80 pages at one time, and receive 70 to 80 pages in memory, even if the paper supply runs out. Even though modern copiers offer a fax option, many customers are more comfortable with a separate, stand-alone fax machine, especially in a busy office environment.

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