Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why does the paper get jammed in my copier?

A. Moisture in paper may cause your copier to jam. To fix paper jams:

  • always reseal the paper package to keep moisture out
  • leave your copier on throughout the day and it will go into a stand-by mode in which it will use much less energy, but it will warm up quickly. The small amount of heat generated in stand-by mode keeps the copier and paper dry.
  • remove paper left in the machine over the weekend before you begin copying. (Moisture has a chance to accumulate in this paper when the machine is idle.)
  • clear any jammed paper properly to prevent setting up future jams.

Q. Why does my copier cycle continuously?

A. If your machine cycles continuously and the ready signal does not come on, it most likely means that the machine needs toner. Some machines may run for 3 or 4 minutes before the “add toner” light or message appears.

Q. How often do I have to have my copier serviced?

A. Your Preventative Maintenance (PM) service schedule can be estimated by the monthly copy volume figure. The higher this number is, the less frequently the machine will need service. Also, environmental and general operating conditions can greatly affect the time between service calls.

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