Leasing Advantages

There are two ways to obtain new equipment — outright purchase and leasing. An outright purchase is advisable for smaller machines, or, if your cash flow permits, for larger units. An outright purchase will save the finance charges associated with a lease program, and the equipment is yours to own, no strings attached. On the other hand, leasing the equipment also has its advantages.

Leasing keeps your cash in your business:

  • Improves your cash flow
  • Provides 100% financing with little or no down payment
  • Allows pre-tax payments that are a fraction of the total purchase
  • Preserves other credit sources
  • Frees your credit sources to meet other requirements

Leasing offers tax advantages:

  • Normally, lease payments are fully tax deductable as an operating expense. As a result, you pay for the use of the equipment out of current, untaxed income instead of already-taxed profits. Of course, you must abide by the applicable IRS guidelines. Your CPA can provide you with more details.

Leasing provides flexibility

  • At the end of the lease, you may either return the equipment, or purchase the unit for $1.00, 10%, or the fair market value, depending upon which purchase option you elected at the onset.

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